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Visual Therapy Workshop: Professional Development for Artists

Visual Therapy presents its latest workshop, Professional Development Workshop for Artists at AlMakan. The workshop gives artists the skills and knowledge required to prepare for the fine arts world taking their art career to a more professional level.



Monday 25 May from 5-7:30pm

Wednesday 27 May from 5-7:30pm

Saturday 30 May from 5-7:30pm


Day 1: Portfolio Preparation

What goes into an artist portfolio? Prepare an artist portfolio to properly represent your work.

Day 2: The Artist Packet

Put together a proper packet, including how to write an effective and concise artist statement, biography, and curriculum vitae (CV).

Day 3: Pricing, Promoting, and Artist-Gallery Etiquette

Learn how to price your work, basic tools of self-promotion, and strategies to approaching galleries and curators.


Language: English

Price: 85 KD

*All participants will receive a complimentary portfolio review by Visual Therapy following the completion of the workshop.

To register, email

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