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Form: Perspectives in Kuwaiti Art // Visual Therapy x Contemporary Art Platform


Form: Perspectives in Kuwaiti Art aims to exhibit a group of modern Kuwaiti artists to explore both formal and conceptual representations of the human form. Through a variety of techniques and mediums, the artists reflect themes of beauty, identity, tradition and contemporary society.


Featured artists:

Khazaal Al-Qaffas

Adel Al-Khalaf

Mohammad Al-Shaibani

Opening on Saturday 28 April from 7-9pm at CAP.

Khazaal Al Qassaf’s sculptures typically explore the female form, usually fluid-like, reflecting scenes of everyday life and its environment. Animals were also the subjects of his work. Together, his sculptures examine notions of identity and culture, portraying traditional practices with a modern approach.

Mohammad Al Shaibani paints a fantasy world that often includes whimsical interpretations of the human figure. Through deep symbolism, his paintings translate the visual language of Surrealism as social commentary.


Adel Al-Khalaf’s paintings, mainly abstract expressionistic in style, use a blend of colors and textures to embody abstract forms. He also creates small multi-layered collages with colorful compositions.

This exhibition also aims to provide an opportunity for young audiences to discover the works and practices of pioneering Kuwaiti artists. Form: Perspectives in Kuwaiti Art is curated by Shahad Bishara in collaboration with Contemporary Art Platform.

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