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Projections: Searching by Spanish artist Skount // Curated by Visual Therapy

Visual Therapy presents Projections: Searching, an exhibition by Spanish artist Skount opening at 6pm on Monday 9 March 2015 at AlMakan.

“Projections: Searching” brings together new artworks by Spanish artist Raul “Skount” Garcia Periera in an exhibition inspired by the study of psychological projection. For the first time, Skount will showcase photography along with 11 new works and a short film.

Skount’s early encounters with Spanish theater inspired the exploration of the mask in his artworks as a metaphor and transformative element. Historically, the mask served as a ritualistic object of both disguise and protection. Over time, the mask began to take on a more symbolic role, manifesting certain aspects of our true self, while concealing our fears and desires.

Skount’s fascination with the mask is further explored within this exhibition. Although the mask conceals one’s features, it also creates and reveals new qualities, which also remain hidden. The projection of these inner feelings creates narratives of self-identity within Skount’s work challenging the dichotomy of self and identity.

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