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“Greater Than >Me” curated by Visual Therapy // TEDxAlShuwaikh

TedxAlShuwaikh presents a group art exhibition featuring local artists Faisal Al Fouzan, Zouz The Bird, Aziz Al Humaidhi and Safaa’ AlAwadhi, curated by Shahad Bishara of Visual Therapy.

The show will feature artworks that explore the central theme, “Greater Than >me,” in a variety of mediums which include painting, digital media, photography and installation.

What happens when we aren’t uploading ourselves, but uploading our community?

These days it’s not unusual for us to communicate with each other through sound bites and visual extracts of our selves, and our lives. We share success, smiles, intrigue, love- and we create a landscape characterized by the theme ‘me, me and more me’… what if we share something greater than just ‘I’ what can be possible? The ‘I’ in our identity is what sets us apart from others, what makes us unique. It is the “I” who plans our lives, decides who we will be, how we will get there… Developing as an empathetic human, means developing as “I”. Writing our own story induces a synesthetic translation, making each “I” a central character in the story of our community… > me.


“When you have become selfless, you are secure in whatever you do” [Al-Rumi]”

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