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Exhibition Curation


Studio SADI

AlSadu Society


April 2023

Traces of Nostalgia is a multidisciplinary exhibition featuring work by Kuwaiti product designer Hanadi Al Marzouq that rethinks the phenomena of collective memory and lost heritage as a result of the oil legacy. 

This exhibition aims to highlight the imbalance that resulted from the sudden flow of oil wealth and consumerism, as well as examining the shift of gender roles during this period of modernity. What if our heritage crafts and their narratives were recontextualized to fit today’s world? How would these alternative narratives allow us to revive our collective memory of a fading past? 

Using an array of media, including textiles, video, and installation art, “Traces of Nostalgia,” invites the viewer to reflect on the importance of preserving our heritage as it slowly dissipates; an indirect call-to-action for cultural awakening.

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