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Established in 2009, Visual Therapy is an art consultancy based in Kuwait specialized in curating and managing a diverse range of art projects, collections, and exhibitions.

From concept to installation, Visual Therapy ensures its clients receive the highest quality expertise and resources for their projects and collections. Our experience of working with artists over the years has helped us build an extensive database of talents, both locally and internationally.


Visual Therapy aims to support the creative market by providing artists with opportunities to promote and showcase their works through a variety of channels.


The consultancy also aims to create an overall sense of awareness and engagement towards the importance of art and design within the community by providing educational lectures and workshops for artists and collectors.


In addition, Visual Therapy offers bespoke creative strategies for clients that wish to incorporate art and culture to their businesses; whether through marketing, programming, CSR, and sponsorships.


For further information and to request our portfolio, please email

About the Curator:

Shahad Bishara is a curator and designer from Kuwait who has been involved in the arts for over fifteen years. She holds a Bachelors degree in Art from San Diego State University in California, and worked as the Exhibitions and Events Manager at Dar Al Funoon Gallery.

Through Visual Therapy, she has independently curated and managed art projects, collections, exhibitions, cultural events, workshops and talks in different spaces around Kuwait.

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